GUVAR brand, you can trust.

Around 2015. We are a processing factory that processes bedding for five-star hotels. Production of down pillows / duvets / quilt cover / towels / bed sheets / and other household items. In 2018, we expanded our production capacity in China. Expand our consumer market. Deliver the most cost-effective products to our front-end users. Experience the best products and services for the least amount of money.

We have a 1,000 square meter factory in China.

Now, through the development of these years, we are gradually getting closer to consumers. Make products more affordable.

Reduce transportation costs and reduce middlemen's profits. So you see the price is relatively low now.

Currently we only sell our products through the Amazon platform and our own official website. Amazon store seller name GUVAR. Or you can buy directly on our official website. We do not authorize other sellers. If you can buy our products elsewhere. It may be a counterfeit product.

Remember where our products come from.

If you want to buy more products, remember to leave me a message. We offer you wholesale prices.

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